The National Archives of Ghana, Accra (N.A.G.)


Yaw Akumasi Williams, my Bulsa assistent, and I attended the National Archive Accra (situated near the National Museum) in April and May 2012. Among all the archives that provide data of the history of Northern Ghana in the colonial time, the N.A.G. offers the greatest number of relevatn documents.

The formal requirements for using the archival materilas are not very extensive or complicated. You have to fill a form, to provide photocopies of your passport with your visa and you need the signature of an educated or outstanding person as a "witness", i.e. somebody who warrants your following the terms of use.

Readers my make copies of documents using their own cameras for a charge of 5 Ghana Cedis (ca. 2 €) per day. My intention was to copy as many documents and maps about the colonial history of the Bulsas as possible, which could be managed without any problems. Most historical sources were found in the ADM (=administration) series, especially ADM 63/5/1-8 (1908-1952) and ADM 56/1/429 Monthly reports Navrongo District 1907.

The following links refer particularly to chieftaincy and chiefs of the Bulsa towns and villages.

For detailed lists of Bulsa chiefs and more data from different sources, see website: BULUK  6 



Bachonsa - Biuk - Chuchuliga


Doninga - Fumbisi - Gbedema - Gbedembilisi - Kadema


Kanjaga - Kategra - Kunkwa




Siniensi - Uwasi - Vare - Wiaga - Wiesi